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Addendum to Cookbook
Prawn Fritters Recipe (Addendum to Cookbook)
Nasi Lemak Recipe 
Bak Kut Teh (KL Herbal Style)
Dry Bak Kut Teh 
Braised Pork Trotters in Garlic and Dark Soy SauceBraised Pork Ribs in Black Bean Sauce
Buah Keluak Pork Ribs
Buah Keluak Toyu Bak (Braised Pork Belly)
Char Siew - Simplified Recipe
Char Siew Recipe - A Pictorial
Char Siew (Shoulder)
Char Siew (Belly)
Char Siew (Pork Collar)
Char Siew (Pork Jowl)
A Sous Vide Diary: Pork Belly Char Siew
Cooking Char Siew in Toronto
Coffee Pork Ribs
Hakka Deep Fried Pork
Pork Belly Char Siew Bun 
Steamed Pork Ribs in Plum Sauce
Sous Vide Diary: Roast Pork Belly (Siu Bak)
Sous Vide Roast Pork Belly: Perfecting it Roast Pork
Another look: Roast Pork (Siu Bak)
Stir-Fried Siu Bak in Dark sauce
Tau Yew Bak (Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce
Revisiting Tau Yew Bak ... "Keep the fire low..."
Tau Yew Bak Dinner Party 
Cooking Pork Rib Curry in the cold of Toronto
Tung Po Pork Belly (Red Braised Pork Belly)
"Hoong Siew Pai Kuat"
Pork Ribs and Bitter Gourd in Fermented Black Bean Sauce
ABC Pork Rib Stew

Assam Fish Curry
Lightly Poached Salmon in Thai Red Curry Sauce
Chili Fish (Ikan Sumbat)
No Cencaru? Just Upsize your Chilli Fish
SousVide Diary - Poached Salmon in Thai Red Curry...
Sang Yue Fish Soup (Snakehead/Haruan)
Har Lok (Stir fried Freshwater Prawn)
Fried Assam Prawns (Tamarind)
Fried Assam Prawns: the uglier it is, the better the taste ...
Fried Prawns in Butter Sauce
My Mum's Fried Ikan Bilis CondimentSambal Prawns (Sambal Udang)
Steaming Fish
Grilled Saba Fish in Teriyaki Sauce  
Different ways of cooking Prawns
Steaming Fish
Sambal Udang with Belimbing 
Sambal Prawns with Winged Beans 
Sambal Prawns and Brinjal
Cooking Fish Head Curry
Fried Batang Fish (Mackerel) in Turmeric Powder
Santan Prawns
Udang Nenas (Pineapple Prawns Curry)
Dried Chilli Crabs in Bean Paste
Tom Yum Goong (Thai Spicy Prawn Soup)

Ayam Sioh

Curry Chicken
The New Exotic Marigold Curry Chicken
Dry Chicken Curry - A Taste of Yesterday...
Cooking for a party: Curry Chicken
Chicken, Aubergine and Egg Curry

Green Curry Chicken
Steamed "Kampung" Chicken in Ginger Sauce

Claypot Chicken Rice - The Smokey & Crusted Way
Claypot Chicken with Basmati Rice
Claypot Chicken Rice - Simplifying the recipe 
Claypot Chicken Rice: Keeping it simple & deliciou...
Rice Wine Chicken
Rice Wine & Ginger Chicken Claypot Rice
Rice Wine Chicken (Dry version)
Enjoying Claypot Chicken Rice in Toronto's winter
Chicken Fried in Oyster Sauce & Spring Onions 
Fried Garlic Chicken
Perfecting Hainanese Chicken Rice (Sous Vide)  
Cooking the "Naked-Neck" Chicken: Steamed in Ginger etc.
Steamed Chicken
Braised Chicken in Ginger, Tau Cheong and Wine Sauce
Fried Chicken in Sweet Spicy Sauce (Indonesian)
Roasting a crisped Chicken and making a good Sauce
Steamed Chicken in Fermented Bean Sauce
Stir-Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Chillies
A fast Chicken, Corn and Cabbage meal...and a lime
Oven-Grilled Thai Chicken with Tamarind Dipping sauce
Chicken Cooked in Oyster Sauce
Chicken Rendang
Kajang Satay 
Fried Chicken with Ginger Floss (Ayam Goreng)
Perfecting the Roast Chicken
Soy Sauce Chicken ("Si Yau Kai")
Spiced (Rempah) Fried Chicken 

Roast Duck in Thai Red Curry Sauce
Tom Kha Gai - Coconut and Galangal Soup with Chicken  
Thai Herb Marinated Fried Chicken (Gat Tod Samoon Prai)
Sous Vide Diary: Chicken Breast in Miso Butter Sauce 

Beef Rendang (Dry Beef Curry)
A Sous Vide Diary: Rib Eye Roast
Sous Vide Diary: Chuck Tender Steak
Braised Lamb Shank in Massaman Curry

Sous Vide Short Rib Beef Burger
A Sous Vide Diary: Beef Short Rib
Boneless Short Rib Beef (Sous Vide/BBQ)
Gyudon: Japanese Rice Beef Bowl (Sous Vide) 
Dry Indian Lamb Curry
Fried Minced Beef with Basil
Daging Serunding (Malay Beef floss)

Making perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs at home - Part 1
Making Perfect Soft-boiled Eggs at Home - Part 2
Starting the morning with fresh Kampung Eggs
Steamed Egg
Steamed Egg Tofu (Homemade)

Fried Vermicelli with Prawns
Ipoh 'Kai See' Hor Fun 
Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun (Dry Version)
Hokkien Prawn Mee (Penang Hae Mee)
What makes Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee special?
Revisiting Hokkien Prawn Mee
Serving Hokkien Prawn Mee for a party
Hokkien Prawn Mee - Scaled down Recipe
Penang Assam Laksa - 03 The Recipe
Penang Assam Laksa - 02 Exotic Ingredients
Penang Assam Laksa - 01 The Broth
Penang Char Kuay Teow (Home Version)
Tomato Basil Angel Hair
Hong Kong Noodles with Char Siew
Ohn-No Kyauswe (Burmese Coconut Noodles)
Cooking Laksa in Toronto
Dry Hor Fun (flat rice noodles) with Minced Pork
Fried Bee Hoon - a 101 recipe (rice vermicelli)
Auntie Ruby's Mee Rebus
Home-made Mee Hoon Kueh (Pinched Noodles)
Lime Leaf flavoured Asparagus Salad with Alaskan King Crabs
Fried Long Beans in Minced Pork and Dried Shrimps
Winged Beans Fried in Sambal and Dried Shrimps
Aunty Ruby's Lo Han Chai (Chai Choy or Chap Chye)
Preparing your Treasure Dish (Abalone)
Braised Abalone, Mushroom, Sea Cucumber & Bamboo in Abalone Sauce
The Science & Philosophy of Chai Buay
Cooking Under Pressure & the Caramelised Carrot Soup
Steamed Brinjal with Miso Sauce
Wok-frying Vegetables & the Green Bean in Miso sauce
Green Beans fried with Dried Shrimps
Enjoying Broccolini while it is in season
Glazed Carrots
Keeping your Brinjal's colour and the Fried Brinja...
Fried Brinjal with Anchovies in Assam Paste
Pickled Cucumber with Red Onions
Mixed Vegetables with Cashew Nuts
Stuffed Tau Kwa
Oven roasted Brinjal in Black Garlic and Black Himalaya Salt...

Chef Tagaki's Chirashi Sushi
Fried Rice Paradise
Loh Mai Kai - Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken
Making Perfect Glutinous (Sticky) Rice
The "Essential" Nasi Lemak
Perfecting the Nasi "Kukus" Lemak
Cooking up a very good plate of home-made Nasi Lemak
Making Nasi Lemak in Toronto
Perfecting the Rice in Nasi Lemak
My favourite Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli
Revisiting Nasi Lemak Sambal
Fried Glutionous Rice with some "Treasures"
Waxed Meat Claypot Rice (Lap Mei Fun)
Ikan Bilis Nasi Goreng
Claypot Rice is the perfect one-pot meal for the student
Claypot Chicken Rice: Keeping it simple
Claypot Chicken Briyani Rice
Steamed Glutinous Rice (Lor Mai Farn)
Nasi Ulam - it is really simpler than you think
Party Notes: The Marvellous Morsels of Nasi Ulam
Japanese Rice Bowl with Sous Vide Beef

Special Dishes/Miscel
Curry Puffs
Hakka Yong Tau Foo - An Introduction
Hakka Yong Tau Foo (Part 2)
Hakka Yong Tau Foo (Part 3)
Hakka Yong Tau Foo - A Recipe Summary (PDF)
Notes from a Hakka Yong Tau Foo Party
Stuffed Bean Curd (Hakka Yong Tofu)
Steamed Silken Tofu with Bango Sauce
Some CF&G dishes
Pizza 101: Making satisfying thin-crusted Pizzas
Steamed Egg Tofu (Homemade)
Yellow Dal (Lentils) Stew
Auntie Ruby's Sambal Belachan Recipe
Home-made XO Sauce Recipe
My favourite Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli
Kajang Satay 

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Fried Nian Gao and Yam Dessert (Sticky Glutinous Rice)
Lin Chee Kang or Cheng Tng (Lotus Seed Dessert Drink)
Longan and Peach Gum
Chai Kueh 

Dinner Parties
A Labour Day's Meal
Planning the CNY Reunion Dinner (2012)
Chinese NY dishes in Petaling Jaya (2012)
2013: Home Cooking for Chinese New Year 
A Diary: Cooking for CNY (2013)
Cooking Notes: Preparing for the CNY Reunion Dinner (2015)
Planning for this year's Chinese New Year Reunion (2015)
CNY 2017: Cooking your family tradition
Cooking Nasi Lemak for the Alpha Celebration Party
The Alpha BBQ Celebration Party
Tau Yew Bak Dinner Party 
Serving Auntie Ruby's Hokkien Prawn Mee for a part...
Serving home-style Nasi Lemak for an Alpha Dinner ...
What I cooked this Christmas (2013)
Planning and Hosting a BBQ Party
Cooking for the Pleasure of it
Cooking Notes: Christmas Party Recipes (2014)
Home-Cooking highlights in 2014
Notes from a Hakka Yong Tau Foo Party
Preparing a Malay-themed dinner party
Happy 50th Birthday Singapore...and celebrating it...
Making Nasi lemak for an Alpha Party

Sous Vide Series
Recommended for the home?
Short Rib Beef
Cooking Short Rib Beef the Sous Vide way
Rib Eye Roast
Chuck Tender Steak 
Short Rib Beef Burger
BBQ Short Rib Beef 
Gyudon: Japanese Rice Beef Bowl
Pork Belly Char Siew
Poached Salmon in Thai Red Curry...
Soft-Boiled Eggs -Pt 1
Soft-boiled Eggs - Pt 2
Roast Pork Belly (Siu Bak)
Pork Belly: Perfecting it
Chicken Breast in Miso Butter Sauce
Hainanese Chicken Rice 
Codlo is set to brighten up the geeky world of Sous-vide cooking 
Cooking Sous Vide in the home - Why I like Codlo
Short Rib Beef Rendang (SV)
Sous Vide Cooking : How it can help the Home Cook
Sous Vide Appliances for the Home Kitchen
Japanese Rice Bowl with Sous Vide Beef

Appreciating our Naval Chefs
Auntie Ruby's Fried Eggs (April Fool)
Authentic Hakka Yong Tau Foo Restaurant in Singapore (April Fool)
All About that Paste ( trouble)
A London Diary 3: Food in the City Chiller
A London Diary 2: Borough Market and the Butler's ...
A London Diary 1 - The City's Bumpkin
A Food Diary: Melaka's Cendol & PJ's Indian (Mamak...
A Cookbook Diary: Food Photography (Part 3)
A Cookbook Diary: Of Blogs and Books (Part 2)
A Cookbook Diary: Har Jie (Part 1)
A Visit to the Land of a Million Shokunins
Bangkok: Going back to School & Tom Yum Soup 101
Cooking without a Recipe
Dinner Through Her Lens (Photography)
Enjoying Lai Huat Signature's Cze Char dishes 
Enjoying Claypot Chicken Rice in Toronto's winter
Highlights from a Year of Cooking at Home
Home Cooking Tips (Part 1)
Home Cooking Tips (Part 2): Mise en Place
Home Cooking Tips (Part 3) - The Importance of Salt
Home and Family
Ipoh: A Food Diary - The Fa Sang Wu Drive-thru
Ipoh - A Food Diary: Xin Guan Fang Curry Mee
Ipoh: A Food Diary: Kai See Hor Fun, Chendol, Tofu Fa

In Praise of Annie1
Hong Kong: A Food Diary
Move aside USDA Prime Angus Beef, now it is MBA Prime (April Fool)
Just Steaks
Preparing a Malay-themed dinner party
Reliable Sauces
Revisiting "A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig" 
Sydney: A Food Diary
Some of the best Singaporean Street Food is found in Toronto (April Fool)
The Black and White...and Colors of Cooking
The Daily Devotion
The rock of all ages...and the coming elections
This is Home ..dedicated to all Singaporeans overseas
The Tok Tok Mee
Wet markets: Where no one cares what you wear
When only Grace-Love will do the job