My Mum's Fried Ikan Bilis Condiment

Friday, February 09, 2018

If you have spare ikan bilis in your larder or fridge, this is a good condiment to make. It is appetising and goes very well with rice or porridge. And it makes for a good snack. My Mum made this often.

With CNY around the corner, it is good to have some of this in your fridge.

I was told that Indonesian ikan bilis crisp up better than those from China. Should you remove the hearts and organs? After reading this, you may not want to do that.

And please, don't wash the ikan bilis unless you want to reduce it's saltiness and plan to dehydrate them first before frying. Do you know how hot deep frying oil is? Deep your finger in and feel it. But then again maybe not. The point is even humans will not survive hot oil.  Neither will any pathogens clinging to it. Hou should however sake of any dust by shaking the dust down by using both your hands or a suitable colannder.

Tau chu is salty and plum sauce is sweet. Make sense to combine them. Plum sauce will also add some glaze to the ikan bilis.

200 gm ikan bilis
10 shallots (peeled and sliced)
2 fresh green or red chillies (sliced)
1 Tbsp of plum sauce
1 Tbsp of brown soy beans (Tauchu, whole not meshed)

1. Deep fry the ikan bilis in medium heat till it is golden brown and set aside.
2. Using a Tbsp of the oil, cook the slice chillies and caramelised the sliced shallots for about 2 minutes.
3. Add the tauchu and plum sauce, mix and switch off the fire.
4. When the sauce has cooled, add the fried ikan bilis in and mix.

Serve immediately or keep in an air-tight container.

Happy crunching.

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