Auntie Ruby's Char Siew (Pork Collar Version)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My butcher sold me a kilo of pork collar recently.

He took it quietly from beneath his counter, as if it was some kind of illegal contraband.

He insisted that it should be made into Char Siew and not cooked in any other way. "Char Siew only. Promise?" I was more than happy to comply, of course. He had no idea that I am the son of the famous Auntie Ruby. It looked great. "Can I have one more kilo?" "No," he replied. "Just try this out and if you like it, come back and I can give you more."
As the pics below will show you, it came with beautiful marbling.

If you find it too smoky to char the pork in your wok, towards the end just give it a good 5 minutes in a hot oven. This way you keep your Char Siew moist and charred.

I have already detailed out ways to cook Char Siew in the wok here and here. So, in this post, it will be more pics than text. There is also a summarised recipe in table format here.

How did the taste go? It was succulent. Being a well-marbled cut, the fat is 'integrated'. It is "wagyu" pork, if you like. The experience is different from Pork Belly CS. It has a more intense flavour and the texture...oh well, how I do I describe it?

I am definitely going back to the butcher for more collars. 

Here are more photos. Don't just view it. Siew* it.

Be inspired to come up with this in your own kitchen.  

* Means "roast" in Cantonese. What a groaner!

Wokking away. Here, it has reached the charring stage.
Interesting texture and color

On the dining table - beautiful.

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  1. this pork collar your butcher sold to you is it also called in Mandarin "no see sky"?

  2. I will ask the butcher. The neck, near cheek and armpit region seem to be good for CS.

  3. Hi, just want to add that "no see sky" is a gimmick phrase used by a certain hawker in Tiong Bahru FC...mainly because it gets sold out very quickly or gets roasted in an enclosed oven, hence no see sky or day.
    Hi Pastor, I'm going to make CS with your recipe as I just bought some shoulder pork ("5 flower meat") fm Cold Storage on friday...will let you know how the kids in kindergarten like them! God bless you for sharing!

  4. Yes, many gimmicky stuff out there created for business purposes.
    Hope your CS turns out well, Regina.

  5. Dear Food Canon

    How do you say pork collar in Mandarin or Hokkien? I'm afraid my butcher may not understand what pork collar means. Many thanks!!

  6. I use the universal language..I point to my chubby neck. It always work...

  7. Hi sir,
    Is it okay to cook the char siew a day ahead & char it the next day before serving? I am the solo cook for Christmas lunch plus I am cooking at different place so....stress stress.
    First time trying this so largi stress

  8. Definitely can.

    All the best and I am sure it will turn out well.

    Maybe try test first in early part of the week to gain some confidence :)

  9. Shift,
    Tried the char siew this morning with good result.
    Thanks again for the recipe & my family thank u too!

  10. Jean, most welcome. Have a blessed Christmas!

  11. IMHO, they call it no see sky because that's the part of mr n miss piggy that doesn't see the sky as its at the armpit....haha

    1. Captain Obvious to the rescue!

  12. Wow. I was looking for char siew recipe and i think i have found a perfect one, i'll be making this next week! Thanks for sharing