Chicken & Ginger Claypot Rice with Rice Wine

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I have said that I will blog some other variations of claypot rice recipes. I have cooked Rice Wine Chicken before and I thought it should work well as an idea for claypot chicken rice.

And it did.

Rice wine and ginger go very well together. And with some good fresh chicken and spring onions, it's hard to go wrong with this.
The name of this dish, interestingly, starts and end with 'rice'. This is a 'white" version. Resist the need to add any thick dark soy sauce. It is basically rice wine and ginger chicken with rice. In using the claypot method, the rice is perfumed and this lifts the dish to another level. 

As for rice wine, home-made glutinous rice wine will be best. Commercial ones like the Korean Mahkoli can be a good substitute. 

The key is to get the rice just right. Keep to the 1:1 water:rice ratio. You need to check an earlier post for the detailed instructions on cooking in sand claypot. 

Recipe for Rice Wine and Ginger Claypot Chicken Rice

 The famed Bentong Ginger from M'sia:
ugly and lovely
Marinating the Chicken meat
500 gm chicken meat
1t salt
dashes of white pepper
3T rice wine
1T cornstarch

Marinate the meat for an hour. 

Cooking the pot
2 cups jasmine rice
20 thin slices of ginger (preferably Bentong ginger)
spring onion or scallion
3T of rice wine
2 cups of stock
1T rock sugar
2t salt
1T oil
  1. Peel and slice the ginger very thinly.
  2. Heat up the clay pot with the oil. Fry the ginger slices and sugar for about 3 minutes. Add the rice and stir for about 2 minutes. 
  3. Add the chicken stock, close the pot and cook for 10 minutes in a small flame.
  4. When the rice has cooked (after about 10 minutes), place the chicken pieces on it in one layer. Close the pot and cook for another 10-12 minutes.
  5. Add the salt to the rice wine and pour it into the pot towards the end. 
  6. Just before serving add the spring onions and stir the rice.
Serve the clay pot hot on the table. Enjoy. This recipe is easy, convenient, fast and comfortingly delicious. 

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  1. I also cook a dish similar to this, except it is cooked with lots of sesame oil in addition to the ginger. Your dish looks really yummy!

    Question: is the rice wine the same as shao xing wine? what brand of rice wine would you recommend?

    Also, your pt. 4 says to add the sauce after adding the chicken. which sauce is this? soya sauce? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rice Wine - I use korean mahkoli wine. But Chinese rice wine will do too if you can get them
      The sauce is leftover from your frying of the chicken in its marinate. Alternatively, you can make some sauce from soy sauce, oyster sauce, lard oil, sesame oil & some Chinese wine..this step moisten the rice just before you serve it but it is optional.

  2. hi Pastor Terry! How are you? It's been so good to read your food blog. THanks for taking time to document the process. Just wanted to say that I made a mention of your blog on mine. Btw, we are now in Vancouver. Hubby is at Regent doing his Mdiv. Take care now and God bless. Ai Ling, Mok now Lim :)

  3. Hi Ai Ling
    Thanks for dropping a hello. Do enjoy yr stay at Vancouver!
    God bless

  4. Your recipe looks appetising, judging by the pictures you posted. Is rice wine essential to achieve the desired taste? If so, which brand do you recommend?

    1. You need rice wine if you are making rice wine chicken, I suppose :) you can buy them from NTUc (a Korean brand there goes for a cheap $5 per bottle or buy the China brands sold in Chinese stores

  5. I can't find claypots which are wired . May I know where did you buy them? Thank you.

  6. this dish is lovely. Can i substitute with mirin (sweet rice wine) or sake (rice wine)? should i use mirin or sake?

  7. sorry or would shaoxing rice wine be better?

  8. Any of the wines will be fine. Sake should be superior to the other two