Chinese New Year Recipes: Waxed Meat Claypot Rice (Lap Mei Fun)

Friday, January 18, 2013

This is a quintessential Cantonese and CNY dish, well known by it's Cantonese name, "Lap Mei Fun."

It never featured in my home's CNY dinners as we are more of the Hakka-Hokkien tradition. Like the Claypot Chicken Rice, it is easy to like this dish. With smokey and crusted rice perfumed by the waxed meat with encapsulated bursts of flavours - especially the goose liver sausage - and accompanied by a clear soup, your dinner is complete.

It is a WYSIWYG dish and you can make out the ingredients just by looking at it. With waxed meat, rice and a pot, you are good to go. I may just make some this coming CNY.

L to R: The Waxed Line-up - Lup Cheong. Lup Yoke. Lup Ngap. Yun Cheong. Hou Hoi Wai!
(Sausage, waxed pork belly, waxed duck and liver sausgaes)
To serve 4-6

2 pieces of Chinese pork or sausage
2 pieces of duck or goose liver sausage
1 piece of waxed duck thigh
4-6 inch of waxed pork (Lap Mei)
3 cups of rice
3 +1/2 cups of water (rice:water ratio about 1:1.2)
Some slice veg, .e.g. Pak Choy, Spring Onion, Arrowheads

  1. Blanch the waxed duck and the waxed pork (to remove the oil on it).
  2. Heat up the water with rice in the clay pot
  3. Then place the meats (and slices of arrowheads, if any) on top.
  4. Close the lid and simmer (small flame) for 30 minutes (for small pots, 25 mins will do). 
  5. Remove the waxed meat and slice it. 
  6. Add the diced green veg and stir the rice. 
  7. Placed the sliced meat on top of the rice. Cook for another 2 minutes. Serve the pot hot. 
If you are not using green veg in the pot, you can also serve the pot with fresh diced spring onions, for health, taste and crunch.

Easy enough?

Some quick pointers
  1. I use more water here cf to Claypot Chicken rice as the dry waxed meat will absorb some of the water. 
  2. I add the diced veg towards the end for the crunch and to prevent it from being overcooked.
  3. The best waxed meat comes from HK: goose liver, pork sausage, waxed duck. As for the waxed duck, get the variety which is less salty. 
  4. As this is a fast and easy dish to cook, it is convenient to serve this at CNY, especially from the first day onwards.
  5. If you use sand clay pots (what you see in the oil is glazed pots), the smoky taste of the rice will be stronger. I use sand clay pots when I make Claypot Chicken Rice
Give this a try.

This lot of waxed meat is very good, mostly form Hong Kong
Add the rice to the heated water in the pot
Add the waxed meat on top
The rice after 30 minutes
Mixing the veg in. Dig up and stir the rice to get
some of the burnt rice mixed in. 
Ready for Dinner

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  1. Any idea where you can get goose-liver sausage in Singapore? Most of the places I know sell duck liver sausage.

    1. I bought mine from Bao Sing at Tiong Baru. It is a small wholesale show located at the junction of Seng Poh Road and Eng Hoon Street at Tiong Baru

  2. I'm such a fussy eater and I normally prefer rice above all things. Good thing there are more different ways to twist it by putting toppings and stuff.

  3. These seem like healthy meals. Part of disciplining my toddler is eating only healthy food. I'm glad I learned techniques on how to make them pick a healthy choice. Thanks for sharing!