Boneless Short Rib Beef - Cooked Sous Vide for 36-hour & BBQ

Sunday, December 23, 2012

How do you feed more than a hundred hungry men with BBQ beef efficiently? Most of them were from Half-way Houses, and obviously, do not get to enjoy good steaks often.

Good beef is expensive. So, how do you give them an unforgettable experience of great beef without breaking the budget?   

Sous Vide came in very handy again. I bought grain-fed short rib beef, a relatively inexpensive cut ($20+ per kilo). It was SV-ed at 55°C for 36 hours. Then left in the fridge till it was about time to serve. The beef was sliced into strips (fish finger size). It went on the BBQ for about 1-2 minutes, turning to brown all sides for the Maillard browning effect.

Table Salt was added liberally before it was served.

The beef was nicely browned, smokey with a nice pink in the middle. It was tender, flavourful and smokey. We did not have table knives and so it had to be finger-lickin' good. Not that they minded.

You don't need to accompany it with sauces. Even black pepper was optional.

It was quick and efficient. Every piece of the 12 kilos of beef was served perfectly. You do not need culinary skills to grill pieces of already cooked beef. The combination of sous vide and BBQ worked perfectly for the beef and the occasion. I could not wish for more. For more info on how to slow-cook the beef, check my other post here.

Slow-cooked for 36 hours and then sliced for the grill
Many of these guys are looking to turn over new leaf and lead new lives of hope, faith (in God), a blessing to their own families and usefulness to the wider society.

It was indeed my privilege to serve them some great food during this Christmas season.   

With some tender loving care, thoughtfulness and effort, ordinary things in life can turn into something special.

The humble short-rib beef was transformed into "prime cuts." What was ordinary became extra-ordinary.

May this Christmas remind us again that the love of God in Christ can make the ordinary extra-ordinary. Our lives may not be much. But in His hands, they have a present and eternal purpose.

I am just a home cook. But I was sure happy that night to see the faces of some satisfied diners.   

Anyway, a blessed Christmas to all of you and may you have some great meals and parties along the way during this season.

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