The rock of all ages...and the coming elections

Saturday, September 05, 2015

This rock has been a steady thump for centuries.

It offers no glamour shots.
It has an old greyish look.
It makes color photos look monochrome.
It is simply not cool.
It does not make a good birthday present.

It has no manual nor fanciful package. In fact, even without a manual, a child or an elderly person are equally adept at using it.

It is a rock of all ages.

New gadgets with fanciful names like Philip, Meyers, Braun, National etc have all appeared and threaten to usurp it's place.

Yet, this rock seems immovable.

I have used many blenders and grinders. I have heard many sounds.

Some brrrrr.
Some whirl. 
Some go dat dat dat.

Most chukapa-chukapa and gave up the ghost midway through a use.

I know because I saw smoke coming out of one. The dried-up lemon grass did it in. (Dear, where is the guarantee card?)

Some modern housewives think little of it.

Forgotten and tucked under somewhere in-there of a typical Singaporean kitchen tale, it sits in cold and stony silence.

The wiser ones find it indispensable and ensure the thumps are heard regularly.

Crackle some peppercorns in a hurry?
Extract some juice from the ginger?
Smash a piece of belachan?
Ground a piece of tumeric?
Crack open your ginkgo nuts?
Break up some toasted peanuts?
Crush some spices for a curry paste?
Smash the mackerel fish head for assam laksa paste?
Open a wine bottle?

Just turn to this rock. Quick and easy. 

This rock has outlived many electrical wannabes. It is a rock which my mum has faithfully relied on in all her years of cooking.

It was always in her kitchen. And it looks like it will stay in mine.

In an age where what is new and latest is perceived as better and change is the only constant, it is interesting to see how this rock has held it's place.

And during this season of elections, it is good to return again to some age-old questions:

...Is this candidate reliable and trustworthy?
   ...What is his/her proven track record?
       ... Does he/she has proven effectiveness in the past?

I don't know about you, but when it comes to my Mum's kitchen, the proven, humble, trustworthy and reliable ranks high up her list.

So, start using your mortar and pestle again.

And think carefully which candidate you will be thumping elections and in life.

P.S. Did I say 'open the wine bottle?' Oops, sorry. I got carried away. Even this old faithful, like our politicians, can't be perfectly everything.

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  1. Interesting analogy, Vicar! I know of some potential candidates whom folks would love to be pounded and thumped and subject to all sorts of physical abuse!

    BTW Canon, great shots with the Canon 600D!

  2. Wow, first time I have seen someone wax lyrical over a piece of rock but you are absolutely right, vicar, none of the modern gadgets can beat the product produced by the good old lesong! And the older and more well-used it is, the better it works! It should count among the heirlooms that is passed down from one generation to the next !

  3. Just wondering, how exactly do you open a wine bottle using this?

    Also, where can I get one? Can't seem to find any in the department stores.

  4. Hui - as for wine bottle, refer to the last P.S. statement...:)