A Labour Day's Meal

Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's Labour Day today.

And I owe some of my church slaves friends a meal for all the hard labour they have put in the weeks running up to Easter.

They certainly deserve to be served our home-cooked best.

In planning the meal, I was torn between some Japanese dishes which I have learnt of late and of course, my own Mum's.

I went for a compromise and below was the menu, listed out in my usual tongue-in-cheek way:

The Food Canon's Experimental Dinner Menu


Cold Singaporean tap water and some cheap juices. Self-service please as chefs are still busy preparing. Sorry, daughters refuse to be waitresses.


California rolls done the Futomaki Sushi way
With real crab meat stick and not the 5 cents a piece starch stick, with Avacado and Japanese cucumber (but grown in Genting Highlands) and tobiko (flying fish roe)

Grilled Chicken stuck onto Sushi Rice, with spring onions and Yakitori sauce
Pick this up gently as the meat may fall off

Main Courses

Chef Tanagi's Chirashi Rice topped with
Usuyaki Tamago,
grilled unagi, rucola and tiger shrimp
Wait, no need to check dictionary: Thin seasoned omelette, eel, rocket leaves...etc


Auntie Ruby's Char Siew on a Long Platter
Wok-braised Pork Belly served with spring onions and cucumber


172,800-minutes Grain-fed Steak with Baby Yam, brocolli,
carrot in Wheat Gluten sauce
This is the cook's first try. Which makes the diner a suckling guinea ...


Jen's Mini Pancakes with strawberry, blueberry, maple syrup,
ice cream & almond flakes
Still not full? This should do you in.

Post Dinner Meal

Gardenia Bread and Peanut Butter

on standby for the few who can go on and on...:)

Grilled Chicken Sushi: This turned out quite well
I must confess. I think we overdid it. Labour Day it may be, but I made the poor lady folks in the home work very hard to get the dishes prepared and the proper cutlery/decor to go with it. The Jap dishes needed many tiny steps and detailed work. Tiring but fun.

Cucumber Art by another Wong
I would not have coped without my niece's help in careful and decorative sushi-making. She has nimble fingers indeed.

Chef Shinichiro Takagi's Chirashi Sushi
Most of the dishes turned out very well. Chef Tanagi's Chirashi Sushi was satisfying and I hope to blog the recipe soon. (And I did...go here)

The steak was a 100g cut and just about right after a rather meaty line-up. The sauce though is not ready for big time. Oh dear, I forgot to Canon the steak dish.

The show-stealer was the Char Siew. Yet again.

Even though sandwiched between Sushi and Steak; East and West; my Mum's Char Siew held her own. It seemed like no matter what her son learnt and experimented with, her dishes can never be topped.

It was served with chopped spring onions and cucumber.

My wife made the pancakes from scratch. I don't know what she scratched to get it done but it tasted delicious. Indeed, we seem to have another stomach for desserts.
A healthy dish for serious dieters?
This is a pre-cursor to some future fund-raising dinners for my church building fund.

Unfortunately, the "video man" missed this.

Meanwhile, thanks guys and gals. 

And more meals = more work! :)  

You can check out some of the work done by these guys...



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