Smooth, silky & creamy Steamed Egg: As comforting as they come


Steamed egg brings back many childhood memories. Next to milk and milo, it is some of the first foods which we were comforted with.

Quick and easy to make, I can imagine why mothers will feed their kids with that. When the rice cooker button pops up, from "cook" to "warm", my mum will put a plate on the rice. She poured a layer of the egg-water mix into a plate, close the lid, and let it steam-cook for a few minutes. It is an efficient way of cooking, making use of the steam and heat from the cooked rice. Sprinkle some diced spring onions to introduce some veg to the child's diet.

Cooking Notes: Christmas Party Recipes (2014)


A new year has started! A blessed new year to all.

Thanks again for your feedback that you are finding the recipes and techniques shared here helpful. This motivates me to continue blogging. If anything, the discipline of belonging also help to be more organised, reflective and improve on my cooking.

I thought I should take down some cooking notes for the dishes I cooked last Christmas. In posting it here, I hope it can also be helpful for you as tips for party-cooking. I am of course very busy in my work as a pastor, and so I need to plan ahead dan ensure the dishes are not too complicated. You will find these quite easy to do and good to serve for parties.

Home-Cooking highlights in 2014

2014 has been another great year of cooking, loving what I do and learning to do it better while at it. It kept my family and guests happy. It helped me to make connections with my past, my relatives, other home cooks and food suppliers.

I continue to rediscover my Wong family roots and renewing connections with my relatives. They got to read about The Malay Mail feature on my late Mum. When I was in Ottawa during my Sabbatical, I reconnected with one of my uncles and we talked about my Mum's cooking and how much he misses some of her dishes. I have also bonded with some faithful suppliers who have become friends and from whom I have learned so much about our produce. I continue to receive feedback from those who have tried the recipes on the blog and are happy with the results. It is interesting how food and cooking bring people together.

Cooking Short Rib Beef the Sous Vide way


"A very important thing to realize is that tougher or fattier meats always have better flavor; this is why osso buco and the short rib are so delicious and filet mignon will never be found on a menu where I am chef.” - Mario Batali

I will be cooking a few lots of Short-rib beef this Christmas. When cooked the Sous Vide way, it turns into a stunning piece of beef which belies its price and is a great party-pleaser.

So, what is your idea of a good steak? This will work for me:
  • Good flavour
  • Good marbling
  • Succulent & Meltingly tender
  • Firm texture (as your knife cuts though it, the steak - though pink - stays firm)
And best of all, if I can have this in the confines of my home, budget and cooking equipment.

Sous Vide Cooking : How it can help the Home Cook

This batch of Char Siew turns our flavourful using Sous Vide
I have been waiting for a SV gadget that is affordable and easy to use for the average home cook. 

Now that my Codlo has arrived, I am planning to reorganise and rewrite my Sous Vide recipes and articles. Repeating what I predicted two years ago, cooking the Sous Vide way will be the next thing in home kitchens.

The classy sounding French term "Sous Vide" may give the impression that this is a modern and difficult way of cooking. Google the net and you will find complicated temperature charts and fanciful equipment. One reason may well be the fact that SV has been used in many restaurants and chefs who teaches this technique tend towards detailed elaborations.

As with most dishes, a combination of techniques are often used to cook them: steaming, deep-frying, pan-searing, grilling in the oven and so on. Having another kitchen gadget or adding another technique simply gives you more options.

Cooking Sous Vide in the home - Why I like Codlo


If you have been following my blog, you will know that for Sous Vide cooking (SV), I like to use those which can be paired with rice cookers. They are often called PID controllers or an enabler device.

I prefer to use SV-enablers because they are compact, mobile and flexible when it comes to different types and sizes of pots. They can work on any analogue appliance with a mechanical switch. As I already have rice cookers in my  kitchen, I now have added use for them. When I was in Toronto recently, I found a electrical pan in my hostel's pantry which was rarely used. It was perfect for my SV set-up.