Starting the morning with fresh Kampung eggs (Free range)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good morning.

It is Ipoh time again as my brother drove down south this week.

And he brought along some fresh "Kampung" eggs.

I suppose you can call them free range eggs as this "village" chicken roams about and eats off the ground.

In our pursuit of new and exotic cuisine, we pay top dollar for the experience of eating truffles, lobster, saffron and foie gras.

We get this idea that what is more expensive must be better. Often, that need not be the case. Go anywhere in the world, and unless the land is impoverished by famine or ravaged by floods, you should be able to find something local, cheap and great

Such is a good pair of soft-boiled eggs. Cheap, good and definitely in the great category.

We shan't go into the specifics of the diet of these kampung chickens but suffice to say, after 45 minutes at a constant temp of 62C, their eggs tasted great.

I have detailed the way to do it here. Paired with this "winning sauce" from Ipoh and cream crackers, it is a great way to start the day.

Just a short post and more coming up soon.

Do have a great day.

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