Addendum to Nasi Lemak Recipe in Mum's Classics Revived

Friday, December 02, 2016

It has been proofread many time over but *groan*, there are still some typos, most which are minor.

But this addendum is important for the Nasi Lemak Recipe.

At the bottom of page 201, which has been cut off:

"If you do not have a suitable steamer, you can still cook the rice well in an electric rice cooker. Add the thin coconut milk into the water (remember to keep the 1:1 liquid-rice ratio). Include the salt and pandan leaves. When the rice has cooked, switch the cooker to ‘warm’ mode. Add the coconut cream, more pandan leaves and stir gently. Then let it stay in warm mode for another 15 minutes."

It is important to note that you can use the electric rice cooker to do good and fluffy rice for Nasi Lemak and these missing instructions are important.

Happy cooking!!! 

You can buy the cookbook from: 

Bookstores in Singapore
Kinokuniya Online, go to link here
The Cathedral Cafe (profits from books sold here will go to charity, go to link here)

It will be available in Amazon sometime next year. 

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