A fast Chicken, Corn and Cabbage meal...and a lime.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This is a short post to inspire you with some ideas for your daily dinners.

If, like me,  you can only cook after you are back from work, learning to cook quick dinners is not an option. And tonight's was cooked in about 40 minutes.

The corn went into the microwave, high for 5 minutes. Added some salt and butter. Shake. Ready.

The boneless chicken chicken breast was Sous Vide-d for 28 minutes at 63C. Pan seared. Then some salt and drizzled with lime.    

Cabbage? That came into the picture as we forgot to collect the salad leafs. Cut the cabbage into slices. I am not sure why we always coleslaw (mayonnaise) it but I chose instead to go for a lighter vinegrette: yuzu sauce, extra virgin olive oil and some salt. And yes, lime was drizzled onto it.

That's it. Dinner's ready. 4 plates of this. Only one single lime was used and it wonderfully flavoured everything. I forgot to mention that I also added a dash of good balsamic vinegar for the chicken.

I should add that I love these limes from Cameron Highlands. Large, firm, juicy, fragrant, mellow and a great skin for zesting.

Just some dinner ideas for you. If you do not have a Sous Vide device, direct pan-searing will work too as long as you don't overcook the breast meat. If I have boneless thigh meat, I won't bother with Sous Vide and will pan-sear directly. Pork chops will turn out very well too with this lime dressing.

Eating home like this is great, especially after a very rainy day. It was an incredibly wet day today in Singapore.

Love these limes. From my fav veg stall at Holland Village market
Pan searing the breast meat which has been SV-ed. 

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  1. Was the chicken marinated before sous vide?