Missing My Mother

“She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family...” ~ Proverbs 31:15

Rising before the sun
Walking the markets
Wetting her feet
Seeking out the fresh
Plucking, choosing, haggling
The bagged produce
Straining at her ngers
She made her way home

The taps trickled
The leaves rinsed
The lesong rhythmed
The knife chopped
The pot boiled
Ever so softly
For her children were still
In their rooms,
in their dreams

The air came to life
Wafting smells
Of pounded herbs
Of tossed sauces

Her children stirred
Scented dreams
Come true


Ung Goay In
Affectionately called Auntie Ruby
Born : 4th September 1935
Departed : 21st April 2007