Hong Kong Noodles with Char Siew

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I am in the midst of writing a post about my recent trip to Hong Kong.

I brought back some food stuff and amongst them were packets of dried wheat noodles I bought this from an old noodle shop at Tai Po. It was recommended by our old friend, Irene (old as in friendship, not her age!). Thanks, Irene.

This shop carried many types and brands, including some made at the back of the shop. They claim that this particular noodle is their best and so we bought some home. They are flavored noodles, slightly saltish.

An old noodle shop in Tai Po. They made some of their noodles at the back of the shop. 
Dried noodles. Lovely, right?
How do you cook noodles like these?

Think of your packet of Maggi Mee. Yep, that is how easy it is. Dip it in boiling water for 2 minutes and it is done. The same principle applies for spaghetti. After it is cooked till al dente, you can decide what the next step is.

I wanted to make Char Siew Noodles for Sunday dinner tonight. I made my Mum's version (check here). I now have Char Siew and more importantly, the sauce. It is fragrant and you will expect that with the pork oil in it.

Boil your water and blanch your veg first (Choy Sum or Kai Lan).

Blanch your mee in the boiling water (see photo) for about 2 minutes. As the noodles is flavored, the water will be tasty, almost like stock. One small pack will expand nicely into a plateful. Dump the mee onto a plate along with some of the "stock." Add the sauce with pork oil. Add some white pepper. Use a chopstick to mix the sauce in.

Place the sliced Char Siew. Add the veg. Sprinkle some shallots.


The mee was superb with great texture and flavour of its own and from the CS sauce. As it is dehydrated wheat mee, it is easy to cook. If you know how to cook Maggie Mee, you will know how to make this.

We will definitely be having this again. Now, I need to know where to get this kind of noodles here. Anyone knows?

Blanching the Mee

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  1. What's the name, add and tel of the shop in HK? Can call before we make a trip there in HK. Tks! Weeley

  2. I'm interested in the noodle too! Does it taste like those Woh Hup dired noodles in a box?

  3. Hi -- I have yet to try Woh Hup noodles but I am quite sure that they can work with this basic wanton noodles recipe.

  4. Hi. It look like Dried Shrimp roe noodle 蝦子麵... NTUC sells but not as authentic as those in HK. I usually get mine in Yau Ma Tei wet market if I am in HK.