Making perfect Soft-boiled eggs in Toronto

Monday, December 30, 2013

I am currently on Sabbatical leave and will be in Toronto for the next few months.

I wasn't sure I would be blogging about anything as I will be staying in a student hostel. Since arriving, I have found out that they do have a decent pantry which can pretty much do everything.

I am glad I brought my Sous Vide device with me. In the cold of Toronto, a warm set of perfect soft-boiled eggs garnished with some soy sauce will make a good start for the day. The eggs here are fresh and I bought some free-range ones.

There is always an electric pot lying around and indeed there was one, which looked like it was not used in a long while. After 62C at 45 minutes, my morning was made. The eggs were perfectly cooked and they were fantastic eaten with toast. The free ranged egg yolk was noticeably creamier.

This post is not so much about eggs but the versatility of a Sous Vide enabling device like Sous Vide Magic. I am also looking forward to the release of Codlo.

I am sure some of my fellow students here will get to enjoy these eggs in the coming weeks. After all, whether 2 or 10 eggs, the effort is the same.

The creamy runny yolk was sublimed. 
From the shape you can see how fresh the eggs are.
My SV set-up

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