Char Siew Noodles - Supplementary notes to Video

Sunday, May 03, 2020

So finally, I manage to cough out a video.

I have dreamt of doing since a few years back. The pace of work and life simply did not allow it.

Until Covid19 of course.

So, should I switch entirely to video? I still think that a blog can be supplementary to a cookbook or video recipes. I find it easier to refer to text when I am cooking off a recipe. Videos are great in inspiring and giving me ideas and confidence. Both can be helpful.

Here are some supplementary notes to the video.
  1. Can this be cooked under an hour? Absolutely. The thickness of the meat will affect the time needed. In the video, I was using pork which was no more than an inch in diameter. If you pork strips are thicker than that, you will need to cook longer. 
  2. If you do not have Hoi Sin sauce, replace it with oyster sauce, which was what my Mum used. You will need to increase the amount of sugar if so. 
  3. I made one mistake in the video. You can remove the sauce at the while keeping the pork in the wok. As the amount of sauce reduce, the searing will begin. This reduces the steps and simplify the recipe. 
  4. Also note that I was trying to simplify the steps to avoid having to use too many bowls etc. I was just trying to reduce the need for washing. I am sure you can figure out a more elegant and simpler way of cooking this. 
I have tons of Char Siew recipes and notes for those who are into details and seeking to improve on the recipe. Read them here. 

Recipe at a glance:

2 teaspoon - table salt
1 teaspoon - sesame oil
1 teaspoon - dark soy sauce
1 teaspoon - white pepper
2 tablespoon - honey
1 tablespoon - sugar
2 tablespoon - Hoisin sauce
1 tablespoon - Chinese wine or liquor
1 tsp: 5-spice powder

To cook add:
2 tablespoon - oil
1 cup of water

  1. Heat up the wok. Mix the ingredients and add to wok.
  2. Add pork simmer for 50 minutes or till the pork is tender enough.
  3. Remove most of the sauce.
  4. Caramelise the meat in medium heat. 
Meanwhile, you can check up on the video here:

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  1. Hi, you missed the link to the video

  2. A fantastic video which is greatly appreciated. I love your book as well, and I hope I have helped you sell a few of them by recommending to cooking friends. So many food writers are just that . . . writers. You Sir, are a real cook who also writes.

  3. Great post. Keep sharing your knowledge!!