Making your Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs (or Hot Spring Eggs) using the Rice Cooker

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is a simple update post on soft-boiled eggs, a morning breakfast favorite of mine. I don't eat it very often but it is always a treat when I can spare the 45 minutes to do it well.

I have posted about the various methods used to produce a 45 minutes 62C egg. I have yet to add that the humble rice cooker on its own can also do it for you, albeit with some added attention needed.

If you have a thermometer, do this:

Put the eggs (from the fridge) on a plastic plate at the bottom of the rid spot. The plastic plate helps to prevent direct contact with the bottom of the pot to ensure even cooking.
Add warm water to the pot till the eggs are covered.
Heat up the water in the rice cooker till it reaches about 64C.
Switch to warm mode. When it dips below to 62 (depending on your rice cooker, this can take about 10-15 mins), heat it up again and toggle back to warm when it hits 64C.

During the duration of 45 minutes, I have to toggle 2-3 times. I am sure you get the idea.

Anticipating the remark some will say  - which I have heard for the hundredth time (!) - "TFC, you can do it in 5-6 minutes by...". Let me say that the science of this is very exact. If you want the texture of a 45 minute 62C (or thereabout) "slowly and lowly" cooked egg, you need to cook it at this temperature for this duration. If you want a "fast and high" 5 minute soft boiled egg, do it that way.

The 45m 62C yolk will be runny and creamy. The white will be gelatinous and you can cut it nicely with a spoon.

The added tip here is that with just the rice cooker and thermometer, you can make this.


Using Rice Cooker and Thermometer. Plate to keep eggs from contact with bottom of pot,
plate steamer holder to prop up the thermometer

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  1. Hi,
    Instead of a plastic plate, can I put a round rack at at the bottom of the rid spot?


  2. wa! thumbs up for the effort. u r not only good at cooking, but also at improvising! Innovative and creative =)

  3. Got simpler ways... thks

  4. Generally I used to boil eggs in such way by using the cooker, but never came out perfect as shows in the image. Lol.